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laughable traduction

Phrase "laughable"
  • adj. risible; amusant; ridicule; spirituel
  • It is laughable , ladies and gentlemen!
    C’est ridicule , mesdames et messieurs!
  • The economic calculations are even more laughable!
    Les calculs du bénéfice économique escompté sont encore plus hilarants!
  • A laughable investment failure!
    Cette décision est un non-investissement ridicule!
  • All of this is laughable.
    Tout cela est risible.
  • The story is almost laughable.
    L'histoire est presque risible.
  • It is laughable, but more deplorable".
    C'est l'obéissance, mais ludique ».
  • The idea of quitting is just laughable.
    L'idée d'abandonner est ridicule.
  • That is laughable!
    C'est à mourir de rire!
  • It's pretty laughable really.
    C'est assez dérisoire!
  • In exchange , they are given only laughable bits and pieces.
    En échange , on ne leur donne que des miettes ridicules.
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  • arousing or provoking laughter; "an amusing film with a steady stream of pranks and pratfalls"; "an amusing fellow"; "a comic hat"; "a comical look of surprise"; "funny stories that made everybody laugh"; "a very funny writer"; "it would have been laughable if it hadn''t hurt so much"; "a mirthful experience"; "risible courtroom antics"
    Synonyme: amusing, comic, comical, funny, mirthful, risible,

  • incongruous;inviting ridicule; "the absurd excuse that the dog ate his homework"; "that''s a cockeyed idea"; "ask a nonsensical question and get a nonsensical answer"; "a contribution so small as to be laughable"; "it is ludicrous to call a cottage a mansion"; "a preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history"; "her conceited assumption of universal interest in her rather dull children was ridiculous"
    Synonyme: absurd, cockeyed, derisory, idiotic, ludicrous, nonsensical, preposterous, ridiculous,