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nightclub traduction

Prononciation: [ 'naitklʌb ]  Voix:
verbe au passé: nightclubbed   participe passé du verbe: nightclubbed   nom pluriel: nightclubs   participe présent du verbe: nightclubbing   
Phrase "nightclub"
  • n. boîte de nuit, cabaret, dancing
  • She gets a job singing in a nightclub.
    Elle débute une carrière de chanteuse dans les Nightclub.
  • Many restaurants and nightclubs offer live entertainment on the weekends.
    De nombreux commerces et restaurants justifient l'animation nocturne.
  • It became a bar in the 1980s, then a nightclub.
    Dans les années 1960 il devient un bar-restaurant puis un night-club.
  • The Bronze is a nightclub in Sunnydale.
    Le Bronze est une boîte de nuit fictive de la ville de Sunnydale.
  • From 2001 to 2003, the band performed in various Nagoya nightclubs.
    Entre 2001 et 2003, le groupe joue dans différents nightclubs de Nagoya.
  • She was briefly an artistic director of a nightclub in Antwerp.
    Elle est un moment directrice artistique d'une boîte de nuit à Anvers.
  • He toured the world's stages in hotels, theaters and nightclubs.
    Il fait le tour des scènes des hôtels, théâtres et boites de nuits.
  • Ex-owned B-Club nightclub, the bar Black October and the stores Ё-Life.
    Ex-propriétaire de la discothèque B-Club, le bar Black October et les magasins Ё-Life.
  • This building also contained a swimming pool, pub, restaurant, and the Wanda Nightclub.
    Ce bâtiment abrite une piscine, un pub-restaurant et le Wanda Nighclub.
  • Trinity was named Miss Pulse by Pulse nightclub in 2011.
    Trinity est nommée Miss Pulse par la boîte de nuit LGBT Pulse en 2011.
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  • a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink; "don''t expect a good meal at a cabaret"; "the gossip columnist got his information by visiting nightclubs every night"; "he played the drums at a jazz club"
    Synonyme: cabaret, night club, club, nightspot,