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safety traduction

Prononciation: [ 'seifti ]  Voix:
nom pluriel: safeties   
Phrase "safety"
  • n. sécurité, sûreté, prudence; (verrou) de sûreté; solidité
  • Promoting road safety in the eu (continuation)
    Promouvoir la sécurité routière dans l'ue (suite)
  • In the safety net , of course.
    Dans le filet de sécurité , évidemment.
  • We have to be concerned about safety.
    Nous devons nous préoccuper de la sécurité.
  • Subject: road safety targets in the eu
    Objet: objectifs de sécurité routière dans l'ue
  • Batteries have made a contribution to safety.
    Les piles ont contribué à la sécurité.
  • Only a clear ban will create safety.
    Seule une interdiction totale garantira la sécurité.
  • Obviously there are serious safety issues here.
    Cela pose des problèmes de sécurité évidents.
  • Firstly that of safety in the sterckx report.
    D'abord la sécurité dans le rapport sterckx.
  • There is no safety programme in place.
    Aucun plan de sécurité n'est mis en place.
  • It is a health and safety issue.
    C’est une question de santé et de sécurité.
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  • (baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely
    Synonyme: base hit,

  • a score in American football; a player is tackled behind his own goal line

  • contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse
    Synonyme: condom, rubber, safe, prophylactic,

  • a device designed to prevent injury or accidents
    Synonyme: guard, safety device,

  • a safe place; "He ran to safety"
    Synonyme: refuge,

  • the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions; "insure the safety of the children"; "the reciprocal of safety is risk"