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fabian en anglais

Phrase "fabian"
  • adj. fabian, preferring to delay or avoid rather than to directly confront (after the roman general fabius maximus); of the fabian society, being a member of the fabian society
    n. fabian, saint fabian (died a.d. 250), pope; male first name; member of the fabian society (english socialist organization), family
  • Swiss Fabian Cancellara won the second edition.
    Le Suisse Fabian Cancellara remporte la deuxième édition.
  • His brother is Fabian Lenz, also known as DJ Dick.
    Son frère Fabian Lenz (en) est également DJ.
  • Written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Kevin Maguire.
    Écrit par Fabian Nicieza avec les dessins de Kevin Maguire.
  • Corgan and Fabian separated in late 1995, and divorced in 1997.
    Corgan et Fabian divorcèrent en 1997.
  • From Britain, the new immigrants brought Fabian socialism.
    Du Royaume-Uni, les immigrants importent le socialisme de la Fabian Society.
  • The defending champion in this discipline was Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland.
    Le champion olympique en titre dans cette discipline est le Suisse Fabian Cancellara.
  • The Fabian Society provided much of the intellectual stimulus for the party.
    La Fabian Society est alors à l'origine de la réflexion intellectuelle du parti.
  • Despite these efforts, Fabian Cancellara (Trek Factory Racing) was able to sprint to victory.
    Au dernier kilomètre, le Suisse Fabian Cancellara (Trek Factory Racing) attaque.
  • Fabian is a 1980 West German drama film directed by Wolf Gremm.
    Fabian est un film dramatique allemand réalisé par Wolf Gremm et sorti en 1980.
  • List of plasma (physics) articles Fabian A.C.: Cooling flows in clusters of galaxies, Annu.
    Physique des plasmas ↑ Fabian A.C.: Cooling flows in clusters of galaxies, Annu.
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  • using cautious slow strategy to wear down opposition; avoiding direct confrontation; "a fabian policy"