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  1. Such flare-ups are blamed for many deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is marked by irreversible damage that restricts the flow of air in the lungs.
  2. Therefore, the surface tension varies according to the volume of air in the lungs, which protects them from atelectasis at low volumes and tissue damage at high volume levels.
  3. If that person tried to exhale the air in the lungs slowly all that time to blow an instrument or sing a note, it might be a weak note.
  4. The diffusion of from the air in the lungs to the bloodstream, and diffusion of from the bloodstream back out to the lungs is an essential part of human respiration.
  5. Blocked airways trap air in the lungs so that it can't get out, prevent full use of the lungs and cause the person with asthma to gasp for air, Fling noted.

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