Phrase including in addition to


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  1. Alone, with Nerson and in a weekly study group that would study Talmud and which included in addition to them a small group of friends.
  2. Ellington's former Senate District 32 includes in addition to Caldwell, Catahoula, and Franklin ( also in the House district ) the parishes of Rapides parishes.
  3. The single version of " Cicciolina " replaced the original album version; the other two singles were included in addition to their original album versions.
  4. It is also the capital of a region of 25, 947 people including in addition to the town itself, the localities of Mzaougha, Menzel Hayet and Mlichette.
  5. The older version of the Treatise includes in addition to the five families already mentioned, the Pulchelliidae, Trochleiceratidae, Douvilleiceratidae, Deshayesitidae, and Leymeriellidae, which have since been reassigned.

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