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  1. Gromann's important Renaissance buildings include in addition to the aforementioned  Franz鰏ischer Bau, the  Franz鰏isches Schloss ( now the  Duchess Anna Amalia Library ) in Weimar and the City Hall of Altenburg ..
  2. Dickie Brennan & Company operates more than a dozen restaurants in New Orleans alone, including in addition to the Commander's Palace, Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House Seafood, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, Mr . B's Bistro, the Palace Caf? and Dickie Brennan's Tableau.
  3. His tracks have appeared in a number of releases by Sexion d'Assaut, more particularly in " 3鑝e Prototype " that includes in addition to Maska, rappers Adams Diallo, Lefa, Ma顃re Gims, L . I . O ., JR O Chrome.
  4. About 130 delegates were in attendance as the first conference of the Independent Labour Party was gaveled to order, including in addition to Hardie such socialist and labour worthies as Alderman Ben Tillett, author George Bernard Shaw, and Edward Aveling, son-in-law of Karl Marx.
  5. Robas won the " Singer of the Year " title, and went on tour-this time with a full band which included in addition to Engler a bassist ( Eli Bakal ), a drummer ( Ran Vered ), and a backup singer ( Shirli Yovel ).

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