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  1. Power shovels are used principally for excavation and removal of overburden in open-cut mining operations, though it may include loading of minerals, such as coal.
  2. Until truckdrivers are paid for all time worked _ including loading, unloading, waiting and driving _ the highway truck crash rates have little chance of decreasing.
  3. The rules provide for 8 hours off after 10 hours of driving or 15 hours of work, which can include loading and unloading or other duties.
  4. Others fly as members of aircrews on gunships where their duties can include loading ammunition into guns and can manually fire the guns if computer systems fail.
  5. The earthquake has paralyzed many businesses in the port town, including loading docks and an electric plant that supplies 1, 900 megawatts of energy for eight states.

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