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  1. Experiments were made with livestock too and it was hoped that the banks of the Adelaide River could be developed to include loading facilities for live cattle export.
  2. These include loading and unloading of aircraft, baggage handling, cargo and mail delivery, ramp coordination, aircraft-load control, aerobridge and passenger steps operation, Unit Load Device storage and crew transportation.
  3. The current rules for truck drivers call for 8 hours off after 10 hours of driving or 15 hours of work, which can include loading and unloading or other duties.
  4. Millard said a senior vice president told attendees at a January 2003 sales meeting that with the quarter's end near, they should do everything possible, including loading, to hit volume goals.
  5. The plugin lifecycle includes loading and unloading its resources, injecting it into others as a "'capability "'or "'dependency "', as well as having capabilities and / or dependencies injected into it.

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