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  1. The bottom of the camera contains the rewind knob release lever, Printing on the bottom includes loading instructions, flash exposure table, ( both based on ASA 10 film ) and suggestions for common focus settings.
  2. There are limits on how many hours a trucker can drive and how many he can be on duty, including loading time, but they are widely flouted, partly because drivers are paid by the mile.
  3. As head of the National Disasters Organisation he managed the evacuation of 35, 000 people in six days, including loading a jumbo jet with 769 passengers, then a record for the most people aloft in the one aircraft.
  4. Another problem, according to Sperlich, is that the Almaty airport charges dlrs 2, 000 to dlrs 3, 000 for ground service on every flight, including loading and unloading the aircraft, but then usually do not provide any services.
  5. The current rules, written long before the age of transcontinental truck routes, call for drivers to have 8 hours off after 10 hours of driving or 15 hours of work, which can include loading and unloading or other duties.

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