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  1. :: : It would also be more user-friendly if huggle were to keep retrying failed communication attempts with Wikimedia ( including loading of user whitelist and message files ) and Freenode systems ( perhaps with exponential backoff and performance metrics ) .  contribs ) 01 : 49, 9 September 2009 ( UTC)
  2. Systems based on the RCS architecture have been designed and implemented to varying degrees for a wide variety of applications that include loading and unloading of parts and tools in machine tools, controlling machining workstations, performing robotic deburring and chamfering, and controlling space station telerobots, multiple autonomous undersea vehicles, unmanned land vehicles, coal mining automation systems, postal service mail handling systems, and submarine operational automation systems.
  3. The organisation was designed at that time to prepare cadets for entry into the RAF, and for those adolescents old enough to join, duties could include loading ammunition, filling sandbags, even in some cases handling aircraft . ATC Cadets were often sent to " Camp ", which usually meant one or two weeks'service at an operation RAF base where they sometimes helped serving personnel with their work.

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