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  1. The team came to Longyearbyen with a long list of body sites from which they would take samples : Lungs, heart, trachea, abdomin, brain.
  2. well about four years ago i was stabbed multiple times and one of the areas was my spleen which was punctured and was repaired but now i feel alot of pressure around my spleen area and sometimes it cramps up really bad to the point where i have to get on my knees and wait it out . i dont really feel like i have the same amount of energy as i did before and ususally i have alot of energy i mean iam only 24 yrs old and iam in good shape and i still eat pretty darn healthy and my blood pressure is really good . i can always feel some sort of pressure on the left side of abdomin area . i was wondering if you guys had any answers

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