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  1. Ash trees are suffering from the mysterious " ash yellows " or " ash dieback ."
  2. In February 2016 the BBC program " Countryfile " presented an anecdotal report of enhanced resistance to Ash dieback following soil treatment by injecting " BioChar "-a type of charcoal.
  3. The disease can be confused with another disorder known as " ash dieback " which has been known for many years and is widespread in the UK . The disorder causes crown dieback in mature trees.
  4. In March 2013 the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson announced that the United Kingdom Government is to plant a quarter of a million ash trees in an attempt to find strains that are resistant to the fungus responsible for ash dieback.
  5. At the end of October 2012 in the UK the Food and Environment Research Agency ( Fera ) reported that ash dieback had been discovered in mature woodland in Suffolk; previous occurrences had been on young trees imported from Europe.

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