Phrase ash discharge


  1. Still, scientists said the evacuation of the observatory was primarily a precaution in case of heavy ash discharge, which could make it difficult to drive.
  2. Lake Michigan Carferry signed a consent decree with the United States Department of Justice and the EPA in March 2013 to end ash discharge within two years, utilizing a new ash retention system.
  3. It noted, however, the widespread concern of local residents over the effect of the generating station's draw on ground water supplies ( CFB requires large amounts of fresh water ) as well as ash discharge and CO 2 emissions.
  4. Aberech Halt, as it was referred to, did possess a timber constructed'Waiting Room'up to the mid-1960s but this was destroyed by fire one evening when the felted roof ( allegedly ) caught fire from the hot-ashes discharged by a passing steam-hauled train.

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