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  1. EIP maintains Ashtracker . org, a website that shows groundwater quality at coal ash disposal areas.
  2. of land was acquired for stage I on which stands the main powerhouse, ash disposal area, colonies and railway sidings.
  3. This land is insufficient for the expansion project under stage II expect for the ash disposal area for which additional land the tune of is being acquired.
  4. In order to identify the environmental impacts due to the construction and operation of Katwa Super Thermal Power Project ( 2x660 MW ) and associated facilities ( township, ash disposal area etc . ), an Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change.
  5. Installation of solar power plants require nearly land per MW capacity which is similar to coal-fired power plants when life cycle coal mining, consumptive water storage & ash disposal areas are also accounted and hydro power plants when submergence area of water reservoir is also accounted . 1.33 million MW capacity solar plants can be installed in India on its 1 % land ( 32, 000 square km ).

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