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  1. Barium borate-fly ash glass can be used as radiation shielding.
  2. This possibly led to glass makers experimenting with new fluxes, which finally led to the introduction of wood ash glasses using potash as the main alkali flux, which was more readily available.
  3. Concerning automatically prd heat resistant glass, the production is underway in plants located in K1rklareli, Mersin and Eski _ ehir; while the Denizli plant produces only hand-made products of both crystal and soda-ash glass.
  4. Constituents that are permitted in Portland-composite cements are artificial pozzolans ( blastfurnace slag ( in fact a latent hydraulic binder ), silica fume, and fly ashes ) or natural pozzolans ( siliceous or siliceous aluminous materials such as volcanic ash glasses, calcined clays and shale ).
  5. The Zhizo beads were made of plant-ash glass which suggests a Near Eastern origin, as only sites west of the Euphrates utilized plant-ash glass at this time, but the beads were manufactured with South Asian technology, making the place of manufacture difficult to ascertain.

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