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  1. Hoogovens Chairman Maarten van Veen said at a press conference.
  2. Hoogovens Chief Executive Maarten van Veen, " but it would be more in the 30 percent range ."
  3. "We anticipate that the net result on ordinary activities for the first half of 1996 will be clearly lower than that for the second half of 1995, " said Maarten van Veen, its chairman.
  4. Maarten van Veen, chairman of Dutch steel and aluminum maker Hoogovens NV, which produces parts for Fokker aircraft, said his company wouldn't be interested in taking part in Fokker because it also supplies competitors like McDonnell Douglas and Boeing.
  5. He is also artistic director of the " Murray Dranoff Two Piano Competition " [ http : / / www . dranoff2piano . org, based in Miami, where he and his brother Maarten van Veen were prize winners in 1995.

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