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  1. The Appel reaction is also effective on carboxylic acids; this has been used to convert them to oxazolines, oxazines and thiazolines.
  2. "' Oxazines "'are heterocyclic compounds containing one oxygen and one nitrogen atom in a doubly unsaturated six-membered ring.
  3. By extension, the derivatives are also referred to as oxazines; examples include ifosfamide and morpholine ( tetrahydro-1, 4-oxazine ).
  4. Photochromic molecules can belong to various classes : triarylmethanes, stilbenes, azastilbenes, nitrones, fulgides, spiropyrans, naphthopyrans, spiro-oxazines, quinones and others.
  5. Four ( families ) of dyes are used in the oxidation thiazines, oxazines, azines, and indigo carmine, reported to work with glucose and caustic soda.

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