Phrase pawn ticket trio


  1. Pawn Ticket Trio has the distinction of being the only regular live-burlesque band in Colorado.
  2. Pawn Ticket Trio and Oh-La-La Burlesque often book out-of-town engagements at various Colorado resort hotels.
  3. Pawn Ticket Trio has fashioned itself as a live band through various shows in and around Denver and by way of it being the House Band at 3 Kings.
  4. Pawn Ticket Trio joined forces with Oh-La-La Burlesque in August and has since held a regular gig at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver becoming their house band.
  5. Although Pawn Ticket Trio is gaining in popularity in and around Denver, all the members ( with the exception of Lambert ) play in other bands around town, all with varying different music styles.

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